w Humemodern :: Vintage Eames Lounge & Ottoman Restoration and Repair
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Vintage Eames Lounge & Ottoman
Specializing in complete restoration and preservation

Old tired shock mounts removed and new humemodern side flexing mounts installed.

Brazilian rosewood panels stripped & restored to their former glory.

Worn out cushions completely replaced with entirely new down, fiberboards and leather,
made to the exact original specifications.

Bases stripped, painted and polished to perfection.

Over the years furniture has entered our workshop after being 'fixed' by other companies. Shock mounts have been replaced with wooden blocks or drilled & bolted. Panels have been varnished, shellacked or just abused. 50 year old cushions have had new leather upholstered over the top of original foam & down.

This will never happen here, do It once the right way.

Authorized by Herman Miller Inc. to undertake the restoration & preservation of vintage Eames seating.

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