The Rules

Parts Shop

All sales are final

Read the description and examine pictures closely before purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns contact us prior to purchase (that’s before).

Don’t assume our parts will fit your furniture, sizes could have changed over the last 50+ years.

OEM parts probably won’t fit knock-off furniture.

Item is sold in either new or used as-is condition.  No warranty, no returns, no refunds.

Packages are sent to the address you supply us with on-line, not verbally.

Parts sent overseas can be stopped at customs, purchase at your own risk.

Packages will be sent within 7 days of you placing your order.

All sales are final, repeat…..FINAL


 Be vintage, Be cool.

We aren’t open on the weekend cause like you we work all week

By appointment only, don’t just turn up.

No walk-ups, swing by, or drop-ins.

Don’t park in our neighbor’s driveway, not even for a minute

Drop off’s Monday thru Friday 10am-3.30pm.

We don’t do house calls

Park legally, we won’t pay your ticket.

Everyone’s a VIPs, no cutting or queue jumping

Don’t just sit down, it’s not yours & probably broken.

No furniture can be ‘left’ at the workshop without a prior generated quote.

Remove humemodern sticker and your warranty is void

Furniture must be clearly labeled with name, quote & phone # before drop off.

Finished repairs are sent to the address you formerly supplied us with.

We won’t ‘look after’ furniture during your remodel

Don’t hit on us we’re too busy for monkey business!

When you receive a bill pay it. Cash or checks, no credit cards

Completed furniture projects unclaimed after 28 days will be repurposed.

Items left at the workshop will be assumed abandoned after 28 days.

Don’t assume, ask. We will answer all your questions.