How long you been doing this?

humemodern was founded in 1996 in Venice Beach California

"You really have a niche"

It’s not a niche we are a full-service workshop specializing in the repair and restoration of mid-century modern and all other styles of furniture. We can say that we are the world leader in vintage Eames restoration.

How did you get into this?

I was sick of seeing what other ‘companies’ were presenting to their clients as finished projects and amazed at what they were charging for inadequate poor craftsmanship.

Do it once, the right way.

What is your lead time, how long will it take?

A reasonable amount of time to turn out a perfect end result.
We don’t rush or expedite projects.
If you need something today then bring it in 2 months ago.

Would you be interested in doing a reality show (this is LA)

Nope, I got a face for radio and a short fuse

What guarantee do you offer?

Nothing leaves here unless we are 100% happy.

"We're in no rush"

Code word for: Can we store your furniture while you do a re-model.

Really, seriously!!


Do you pick up?

No, but we can recommend a number of companies that specialize in that service.

Do you buy old furniture

Maybe. Email us a few pictures of what you have along with your phone number

"Does the dog bite" ?

“Yeap, when it’s pestered”