Ray Armshell

October 29, 2013

Originally a plain black vintage arm shell, we removed old and installed new mounts, polished base then custom made cover using Ray designed fabric, pretty busy.Image



Tulip Re-Blooms

October 15, 2013

Arrived the color of British teeth!!.


 Complete restoration with catalyzed polyurethane white applied.


Vintage vinyl pads constructed.



Ready to wine n dine

heritage lounge

September 16, 2013

  A chair i have come to love. Brake away from your time life or tandem sofa this lounge.

Adds a real Captain Kirk feel to any space.




Just imagine Uhura and a control panel, what could be better!!



dress a space

September 13, 2013

We will take your ideas, put them together and build from your specifications something that is really cool and truly unique.


The beginning
Choose a major color and tone, start with one that you commonly wear, use this as a base for your ‘major items’ sofa, lounge chairs and rugs.

Combine lighter or darker tones of your major color for curtains and pillows etc. to set the space.

Cool or warm a room with natural or brights. Reds, yellows, bronze and brass for warming. Greens, blues, chrome and stainless steal will cool.

Have fun and introduce bold colors depending on the season or event.  A cost effective change are pillows & rugs.

Mix vintage with new as seen in the above photograph
If you feel relaxed or smile when you enter your space, job well done!

And you can never have enough fresh flowers 🙂


mad life

September 12, 2013

Really used since the 60′s, client agreed to a full restoration and this is the result


Perfectly Mad

aluminum group sofa

August 27, 2013

Burnt orange was the chosen leather, I personally would have gone for a more natural tone.Image

Still came out killer