Oval Florence

February 01, 2014

A guy practically begged us to buy this from him because he was moving apartments.


Brown, dirty, dusty and i didn’t really want it……so i sold it on to my cousin. She decided to have us refinish it and thats when i found out that Cathy got the deal of the century!!


Stunning Brazilian Rosewood


Ah Bollocks, looks great though

1st floor 1


Sitting pretty in weird Austin

Big Platner

May 24, 2013

Project involved remaking the fiberglass ‘shell’ before installing new foam followed by re-upholstering in Maharam fabric.


Probably the most comfortable lounge chair ever made.


When the gentleman dropped the pair off he pulled up in a ’55 Nomad, when we delivered to his home he was cleaning his Aston Martin!!


Cool furniture and pretty cars and a really nice fella, perfect.