black n blue

January 14, 2016

Very early 1960’s Es670-71 arrived at the workshop with thrashed cobalt blue cushions.

Brian L. wanted to keep the color uniqueness


Just more modern

We install stunning Townsend leather in Manta Blue

IMG_4683 (1)

Gunstock oiled all the panels and as always new shock mounts for the bounce


Time to beat em black n blue


guilty for being red

December 11, 2015


Early, early pair of LCW’s arrived in a very sorry state, both with snapped backbones


All new shock mounts, stripped, dyed and finish to original look


December 12, 2014

We smashed the mold again

Super high gloss finished rosewood, metal got the dirty treatment


 B52 bomber jacket leather


Lean back & decompress and wait for the hun to fly out of the sun

From Dust to Glory

December 03, 2014

Owned since she was a young lady, Tanya was fed up with these DCW’sIMG_3967

It takes a bit more than a rub with tung oil to get this kind of finish


We highlighted the edges to make the ply pop & most importantly installed new shock mounts for decades more  safe seating

Knock knock Hong Kong Knock Off

November 18, 2014

Its no secret that there are numerous knock off eames style lounge and ottomans out there, China are shipping containers of them every week. If you find a bargain on Craigslist its probably a rip off. On the other hand if you should happen to get one for $200 like the one below we can turn it around.


Similar comfort & style for a fraction of the cost


And quite pretty at the end of the day


All wood refinished, new foam and leather installed topped off with polished & painted bases etc.